“Sunset” (Photo Friday #23 – 2017)

This week’s Photo Friday is brought to you by the beautiful colors and trees in my front yard. Sunsets have been tough to come by these past few days, but I found this little something!


Stone & Sparrow’s New Nest

My fiancé and I spent a few hours tending to the new shop/future studio space the other night. Mostly, I walked around the shop taking photos of the space while he broke down some old palettes. Eventually, I got to work right alongside him, pulling nails from the salvaged boards. I’m thinking I might have a few projects on my hands once this is all said and done.

The photo featured at the top of this post was of a nest I discovered in the gardenia bush near our patio. I love it and plan to place it somewhere inside the studio. What a great symbol for anew beginning with Stone & Sparrow!